Saturday, November 3, 2012

      Learning...for me, is enhanced if I enjoyed the subject / the course. What is more enjoying than when the subjects are about the meaning and complexities of life! Also about society, politics, economy and other realities that i see and experience everyday. They widen my understanding of the events being unfolded. For instance, before, I didn't understand the meaning of the MUSLIM's secessionist movement and NPA's ideological struggle. Now I even appreciate how these "OUTSIDE OF THE LAW" sacrifice their lives and future of their respective cause and for what they believe in. My relation with my family to become more intimate and profound, global warming, environmental concerns and religious freedom,become a necessary part of my social responsibility.
      The professor's wide use of modern IT or information Technology, e.g. communicating and requiring students to submit reports through the internet and posting blog, has given me the chance not only to utilize the latest technology but also to virtually link with my classmates/net mates. Linking with them anytime at my convenience widens my perspective and enhances learning experience. Also I didn't know how to type before  but now using the computer it is now imperative for me to manipulate the keyboard and the different computer applications but of course not that good.
My deep appreciation and gratitude therefore to my professor...THANK YOU SO MUCH Ma'am Kaye.