Saturday, November 3, 2012

      Learning...for me, is enhanced if I enjoyed the subject / the course. What is more enjoying than when the subjects are about the meaning and complexities of life! Also about society, politics, economy and other realities that i see and experience everyday. They widen my understanding of the events being unfolded. For instance, before, I didn't understand the meaning of the MUSLIM's secessionist movement and NPA's ideological struggle. Now I even appreciate how these "OUTSIDE OF THE LAW" sacrifice their lives and future of their respective cause and for what they believe in. My relation with my family to become more intimate and profound, global warming, environmental concerns and religious freedom,become a necessary part of my social responsibility.
      The professor's wide use of modern IT or information Technology, e.g. communicating and requiring students to submit reports through the internet and posting blog, has given me the chance not only to utilize the latest technology but also to virtually link with my classmates/net mates. Linking with them anytime at my convenience widens my perspective and enhances learning experience. Also I didn't know how to type before  but now using the computer it is now imperative for me to manipulate the keyboard and the different computer applications but of course not that good.
My deep appreciation and gratitude therefore to my professor...THANK YOU SO MUCH Ma'am Kaye.


  1. hi bong...u must be flexible if you want to learn, being a uniform personnel and in the government service this subject helped us a lot in dealing the people around us. The experiences you shared as "concrete example" during classroom discussions enlighten me in dealing the DISTRESSED people in the Bureau of Corrections.

    See you next semester and looking forward for the next "bucket" hehehe....

  2. Hello Ronald and Nanette!

    Good to see you here. I commend you for having extended extra patience just to be able to perform your final examinations using another medium... BLOGGING.

    I know that you weren't used to this but I hope somehow you find meaning and relevance of this task in relation to your learning new concepts and processes.

    My best regards to both of you. MABUHAY!

    Ma'am Kaye

  3. Hi Sir,

    You have just proven that " Everything can be Learned" if we are willing to learn. I agree with you that using this modern technology is a good access to everyone of us.

    Looking forward for a great discussion again on next semester.


  4. Hi there sir! Thanks for the help.

    I agree with how you have given special mention the issues on Muslims and NPAs. This just show that we really have our own beliefs,and these differences are most often the cause of many political and social disputes.

    Bottomline- RESPECT.

  5. Hello sir!
    (One of the nice persons I salute with..)
    In the Philippines people are being guided and govern by certain laws,decrees and authority.But because we have freedom to choose and the influence of other's personal interest that's why there are people against the law.

  6. Hi classmate ronald,
    Good day!

    Even though we felt a little bit harder to make our own blogs but we really try our best to make it in a right track.I really appreciates of our final exam because this is our first time to take an examination through internet. We really accept that we are really in a cyber world now . Thank you Ma'am Rebecca Sagot and classmates to made these a wonderful experience.

    See you next sem


  7. Hello AMIGO,

    Outside of the Law really catches my attention as read your blog bro. We are both in the government service and we are bound to obey & implement the LAW. But now, we also both understand the essence of having those PROTEST MOVEMENTS or what we called STRUGGLES by a group or even individual. Salamat bro for treating us your brothers and sisters. I know that you made yourself ADJUSTABLE (borrowed from mam Nanet - The Mechanic)hehehehehe... Your job requires much braveness but you made us feel that some point we need to be OPEN MINDED to have a HARMONIOUS environment to stay in...


    Julz on the GO!

  8. hello Ranch! I'm so glad that again being members of the Ranchers Club Philippines we are now "in the same boat" but this time in seek for higher educational learning, It is good that broadens your knowledge in enrolling this class and proud of what you had accomplished... hawod mo manipulate ug computer,,,, banat Ranch....